Cindy Sheehan Will Crush Nancy Pelosi

It's official: Nancy Pelosi has not one but TWO opponents in a "hotly" contested race for her Congressional district. In addition toDana Walsh, the last specimen of a doomed and rare species called the "Bay Area Republican" which is hunted for sport on the banks of San Francisco's mandatory nude heroin-needle beaches, this woman named Cindy Sheehan is also running to make a Point. Cindy Sheehan is the woman who everyone felt bad for because her son was killed in Iraq, until she became the most tiresome Californian this side of Medea Benjamin.

Sheehan has collected enough signatures from teen bums and migrant workers to run for Congressional District 8 where she will surely triumph, because seriously who has even heard of this Pelosi gal? She's the one in the nice suits, right, all blinky behind the president during his interminable State of the Union speeches? Yes, get rid of that one and replace her with the anti-war protester who makes liberals personally want to bomb the shit out of Iran.

Sheehan Qualifies To Challenge Pelosi [AP]


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