Circling The Drain

  • Privately, Clinton campaign staffers try to figure out how the scrappy fighter candidate can maintain her working-class warrior image while also gracefully bowing out of the race. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton now each have the public support of 99 members of Congress. [The Hill]
  • In the terrible California housing foreclosure crisis, one elite group wins big: mosquito fish, which can live happily in the infested swimming pools of abandoned homes and keep mosquito populations down. [Wall Street Journal]
  • John McCain was involved in another dull, complicated, unseemly land swap deal that everyone will ignore because it involved zero blow jobs. [Washington Post]
  • Myanmar's junta government seizes relief shipments while turning back aid workers, saying, "Just give us the food etc. and we will take care of the distribution." The U.N. then suspends all shipments until the problem is resolved. [New York Times, AP]

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