City To Baseball: "Drop Dead!"

What Do You Mean, Bow Ties Aren't Hip? I'm Hip, Aren't I?So maybe baseball won't be coming back to D.C., after all. For those of you who forget from time to time that there's a whole other bunch of comically inept legislators in town, the D.C. City Council has completely revised the District's deal with Major League Baseball -- after it was signed -- jeopardizing both the arrival of the Montreal ExpoGraySenatorNationals and the chances that anyone will remember D.C. Mayor Tony Williams for anything but his bow tie. Apparently Council members were pissed off that Williams agreed to spend, oh, about 800 gajillion dollars on a new stadium, even while the city's schools are so bad they're considering hiring Jenna Bush. But still, this was a pretty crazy stunt by the Council -- it'd be like if members of President Bush's own party suddenly refused to pass major intelligence reform... wait, that happened already!

Now the question is: Who suffers most from this deal dying? Is it the baseball fans of Washington? Is it Tony Williams? Is it the readers of the Washington Post, who will have to read endless laments from George Will every day they make the mistake of flipping to the op/ed page? No. It's North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad, whose wife is a lobbyist for Major League Baseball. Who's going to want to hang out with a guy as boring as he is without the lure of good seats?

Baseball Rejects Council's Changes In Financing Plan for D.C. Stadium [Washington Post]

[AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite]


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