Clark Out?

According to the Daily Kos, a Clark fundraiser in Houston planned for tomorrow night has been canceled. The Clark website has no events beyond tonight's "Primary Party." That should be fun -- Clark's sophisticated emotion-simulation programming may fail him. Do androids cry electric tears?

UPDATE: A reader prompts a thought: We've already grieved for Wes Jr., but this is also our last day to to make a joke about how slutty blondes seem to dig Wes Sr. (and how this campaign tanked even harder than Swept Away. Thanks, Madonna). And when's the next time we'll have a chance to question Michael Moore's taste in candidates? OK, that should happen again pretty soon. But still. And what about young Max, the lisping pre-teen who captured our hearts in January with his precocious dissection of the Bush agenda? What's his future? (Max, have your people call my people. We'll get you opposite Trippi tomorrow night.) It was beautiful while it lasted. Goodbye, Clark campaign, may your creepy robotic gaze never falter.

UPDATE UPDATE: We'll see if we can squeeze in some more of all of the above before the concession speech happens. . .

Clark fundraiser tomorrow cancelled [Daily Kos]

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