Class Acts Wohl And Burkman Hysterically Scream At People Mourning Ginsburg's Death

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Class Acts Wohl And Burkman Hysterically Scream At People Mourning Ginsburg's Death

If any of us were Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, we would be laying low right now. Why, just this week, he and his weird friend got caught trying to stage an FBI raid on Burkman's house because they stiffed the actors they hired to pretend to be FBI agents. That is embarrassing. Like, all of it. Including the fact that they didn't even have friends they could ask to pretend to be the FBI agents.

But Wohl and Burkman are not laying low. In fact, last night, they went out on the town, with a megaphone, in order to "troll" people paying respect to deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, gleefully yelling that "Roe v Wade" is dead.

Truly, what is more "pro-life" than harassing people at a memorial? The Westboro Baptist Church was fond of that tactic as well. In fact, Wohl and Burkman's entire brand could actually be defined as "Westboro Baptist Church, but with fewer people and make it stupid. Well, more stupid."

Naturally, Jim Hoft, The Stupidest Man On The Internet, was thrilled by this. Because boy, did they ever show us! People got mad at them for acting like assholes, which means they win. You may recall these rules of engagement from middle school.

Hoft's big "own" on his site was that

If you listen carefully one leftist asks Jacob, "Have you ever stuck a penis in a woman?" What?

Technically she said "Have you ever put your penis in a woman," but who even wants to think about that? Not me!

Let us note that when Wohl and Burkman needed people to pretend to be FBI agents and raid Burkman's home in order to make it look like the FBI was super interested in whatever it was they had on James Mattis, Jim Hoft was nowhere to be found. Wohl and Burkman had to resort to Craigslist and ended up getting screwed because they didn't pay the people they hired from Craigslist.

Now, I know that some people may be thinking "Jeez, why are we even paying attention to these people?" The answer is that we pay attention to them because they are embarrassing and stupid and we gotta do better at making Republicans own their embarrassing and stupid shit, instead of graciously ignoring it because it is so beneath us. That only helps them.

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