Clear and Present Danger: The Jack Ryan Story

Illinois's Capitol Fax has all your Jack Ryan news, including a comment from "a source close to the Ryan campaign" on the senate candidate's cancelation of his D.C. fundraising trip: He has "other pressing things to do here. He feels it's more important to be here right now, dealing with this firestorm, than to be in DC."

At the same time, "a Republican source" tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "He’s reassessing." We bet. Yet other unnamed sources (It's like an anonymous sex club in here!) outside the campaign tell the Fax that Ryan is leaving the race. Oh, and wait: AP has Ryan's spokesperson saying, "We are not reassessing. Jack Ryan is in the race to stay. Jack Ryan will be in the race on November 2." Riiiight. We'll believe her when she takes off that ridiculous latex zippered mask.


Ryan 'reassessing' bid [Chicago Sun-Times]

Ryan cancels Washington fund-raising trip [AP/STL Today]


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