Cliche Alert: HowardDean-dot-bomb

After the internet candidate boom comes the internet candidate bust: Gothamist notes that between the management shuffling and asking employees to skip their next paycheck, the Dean campaign "smells a little too much like some of the start-ups we worked at." Salon wonders if Dean is really "nothing more than a pet food-selling sock puppet." Our favorite analogy so far: Dean as the "" candidate -- a great idea, lots of loyal fans, but ultimately unworkable. And where the hell was Mrs. Kozmo, anyway?

UPDATE: It's such a cliche that collecting examples of the metaphor is cliche! Who knew? [WP]

This Is So Dot-Com [Gothamist]

Howard Dean's fatal system error [Salon]

Howard Dean Is (Was) a Bubble IPO [Infothought]

Howard Dean, Kozmo Kandidate [Electablog]


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