Clintards Shocked By Obama Supporters' Decent Manners

A pack of grieving Clinton supporters in Minnesota dragged their dejected pantsuits over to the Xcel Center the other night and were amazed by the fact that Barack Obama and his army of houligans weren't complete dicks to them. The Democratic nominee met with a bunch of Clinton heavies andshook their hands and then Michelle Obama "put her hand out to mine and rubbed her cheek against mine." That is just the beginning of the amazing night these Clintards had discovering that NOBAMA and his ilk meet the minimum threshold for basic human decency.

Here's what happened to Jackie Stevenson, a state Democratic activist:

She had arrived at the building with Humphrey, and as they were taken to their seats, people kept stopping to hug them and thank them for being there.

Laughing, she spoke of how she decided she needed to make a trip to the restroom before Obama's speech. Again, people kept stopping her to shake her hand.

They almost let her use the restroom and everything.

Clinton supporters wowed with warm reception at Obama rally [MinnPost]


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