Clinton Campaign Provides Handy Way to Bug the Hell Out of Your Friends

Boyfriend piss you off? Sign him up for Hillary Clinton's new text-messaging service! We're not sure what possible purpose it serves, but who among us doesn't love getting text messages from people who work for people we don't actually know?

"By harnessing the power of text messaging, we can engage voters in the political process using the latest technology and provide personalized, local campaign updates to our supporters nationwide," Clinton said. "This is an exciting step forward that I hope will continue our conversation with voters in a new format."

We can imagine what sort of conversation it'll be.

From: Hill

Vote 4 me pls

To: Hill

Who is this

From: Hill

Hillary lol

To: Hill

Did i meet u @ nicks party

From: Hill

Send me money pls ;)

To: Hill

Stop txting me

From: Hill

Sorry about iraq :'(

Clinton reaches out to voters with text messages [The Hill]


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