Clinton Campaign Should Stop Releasing Memos, Speaking Words Entirely

Anything the Hillary Clinton camp says these days on teevee, to reporters, to anyone who is a human being, rapidly erodes the entire campaign and her legacy. In their latest memo, which must have been written in crayon and targeted at the Cro-Magnon community, Team Clinton says that since Obama has done everything correctly, any loss in the future would finalize his defeat.

To: Interested Parties
From: The Clinton Campaign
Date: Friday, February 29, 2008
RE: Obama Must-Wins

The media has anointed Barack Obama the presumptive nominee and he's playing the part.

With an eleven state winning streak coming out of February, Senator Obama is riding a surge of momentum that has enabled him to pour unprecedented resources into Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont.

The Obama campaign and its allies are outspending us two to one in paid media and have sent more staff into the March 4 states. In fact, when all is totaled, Senator Obama and his allies have outspent Senator Clinton by a margin of $18.4 million to $9.2 million on advertising in the four states that are voting next Tuesday.

Senator Obama has campaigned hard in these states. He has spent time meeting editorial boards, courting endorsers, holding rallies, and - of course - making speeches.

If he cannot win all of these states with all this effort, there's a problem.

Should Senator Obama fail to score decisive victories with all of the resources and effort he is bringing to bear, the message will be clear:

Democrats, the majority of whom have favored Hillary in the primary contests held to date, have their doubts about Senator Obama and are having second thoughts about him as a prospective standard-bearer.

Translation: Barack Obama has won eleven straight contests, raised more money (because people like him), campaigned brilliantly and thoroughly in Texas and Ohio -- thereby marginalizing Clinton's long-held leads in those states -- won most endorsements and made legendary speeches at his overpacked rallies. Clinton has lost eleven straight contests, is consistently on the verge of bankruptcy, has run poor, indifferent campaigns in Texas and Ohio -- states she led by double digits only a couple of weeks ago -- lost every endorsement and cannot speak.

Obama sure has dug his own grave with this "doing well in the election" strategy this election season.

[via Ezra Klein]


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