Clinton Lays Claim and/or Waste to California

A nice photo of her, because it's late and I'm feeling classyAs the New York Timesreminds us, many people in the big states get to start voting ages before the actual primary, including in California. In fact, officials in California are estimating that up to 50 percent of primary voters there will vote absentee before February 5th. Why does anyone care? Well, California ballots started going out last week and, according to a LA Times/CNN/Politico poll out today, Hillary is currently trouncing Obama in California. Hillary leads in the California poll by 47 to 31 percent overall, and is even killing among self-identified independent voters. I guess when it's always sunny, "experience+change(TM)" trumps "hope+change(TM)" because who needs hope on the beach? [NY Times, LA Times]


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