Clinton Still Under Fire for Count Chocula Pardon

For Rich, Chocolatey crimes and misdemeanors - WonketteFormer White House Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier has been making the gossip column rounds lately promoting his new book, All the Presidents' Pastries: A Series of Anecdotes That Have Been Picked Through by Various Gossip Columns, So You Probably Don't Need to Bother Picking This Up, Sorry. We've already learned that Mesnier had a healthy disdain for Carter's fishing ability, and that he hated making comfort food for Bill Clinton. But this brief quote might be the best one we've heard yet:

Bubba ignored his allergies and ate chocolate cake, barking, "I'm the president around here"

Once again, more proof that Bill Clinton abused the powers of his office. We'd impeach him again in a heartbeat.

His and Her Meals for Bill and Hillary [USN&WR]


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