Clinton/Clinton 2012, You Guys!


For some reason, the Internet hasn't noticed noticed that dentist who bought that Hillary Clinton for president ad had another one made that's even better. That's about to change. Obama and Biden have announced their bid. It's time for a pair of challengers: Hillary Clinton and her constitutionally-unable-to-run-for-vice-president husband. Let's make this happen! This is the greatest idea in human history!

What a pitch-perfect ad. Bill Clinton's relationships with young women, such as the girl with whom he's sharing these flowers in this expensive-looking painting, are one of the things we all love best about his presidency. It takes a Clinton to clean up a Bush mess, you guys! So if we elect two of them, we can entrust one with wiping Jeb's ass or something! Think of the possibilities! START NOW! [YouTube]


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