Clintonites Confused By Obama Supporters' Reluctance To Bail Them Out Of Campaign Debt

The saddest thing about Hillary Clinton dropping out of the presidential race was the prospect that we might never again see a news story about the hilarious wankocracy that was Team Clinton. But hurrah, her campaign lives on, in the form of her campaign debt, which will never be retired because Obama's people are so MEAN.

When Barack Obama sent out a note to his top donors asking them to slide Hillary a few dollars, here is what they said:

  • "Why would I help pay off debts that Hillary amassed simply to keep damaging Senator Obama?"
  • "Gas prices are up, the markets are in turmoil, my kid's fall tuition bill is coming soon. Writing checks to politicians I don't like is not at the top of my list."
  • "Not a penny for that woman. Or her husband. Or — god forbid — Mark Penn."

So ... things are going great! And of course, big Clinton donors are very, very hurt that they haven't been able to buy their way into the Obama campaign. They haven't even been given awesome titles like "Hillraisers"! And Barack Obama spends all his time campaigning for president instead of raising money for Hillary, which makes him un-American.

Obama donors aren't rushing to aid Clinton [New York Times]


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