This dance is called the Free Trade TangoHillary Clinton is going to have to dig a little deeper in her coterie of supporters if she's going to weed out all the fat creeps who secretly love free Colombian trade. The latest snake in the grass: her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Where is that mythical bus, so that she can throw him under it?

According to shocking new reports out today, Bill and Hillary Clinton do not have exactly the same political opinions. You see, back in the 90s, the craven and politically expedient thing was to support free trade, so Bill did it. Now the politically expedient thing is to oppose free trade, so Hillary is doing it. This is just another example of Bill Clinton staying stuck in that old 90s mentality.

Of course, people on either side of the issue would cite concerns like the murders of trade unionists in Colombia, or the importance of free trade with our less economically advantaged neighbors. But everybody knows that this obscures the real issue, which is why Mark Penn is such a foul beast of nightmares.

Clintons Disagree Over a Free-Trade Pact With Colombia [Wall Street Journal]


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