Close Your Eyes and Think of Gannon

C-SPAN video of the White House Press Briefing Room, taken on March 3, 2003, shows former reporter (and former gossip item) Jeff Gannon/JD Guckert with a hard press pass. Rowr! And also, something about a second shooter? And Scott McClellan's grassy knoll?

UPDATE: Apparently -- not that we would know -- White House hard passes have big brown and white diagonal stripes on the sides of the picture and a big PRESS written in white on the bottom. The one the liberal pack is pointing us towards has some sort of text field at the top but nothing at the bottom, and no stripes, as far as we can tell.

Guckert had a hard pass before Talon News existed [Kos]

Gannon Intrigue Continues [Delusions of Grandeur]


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