CNN Investigates Obama's Non-Madrassa Grade School

A chilling portrait of a radical '70s suit ... - WonketteOne of the many benefits of 9/11 is suddenly everybody knew the definition of madrassa: some kind of primitive Islamic boys school in Pakistan where the glassy-eyed kids chanted the Koran for a Dateline producer and none of the 9/11 hijackers were involved because they were doing blow and screwing strippers in Florida and Las Vegas.

Learn the explosive truth about Osama bin Obama's radical indoctrination made-up story created by either the Moonies or Hillary or both, after the jump.

As a result of those few weeks of MSNBC repeats of the kids doing the chant 'n sway, the average American redneck is very suspicious of these madrassas -- especially after a Moonie website claimed Hillary Clinton's sinister campaign operatives had found the "madrassa" young Barack Obama attended in Indonesia. (Yes, this is way too complicated. You were only supposed to remember "madrassa" and "Obama" and "Bin Laden.")

Anyway, CNN sent its Jakarta reporter over to the school, which is just a normal school with normal boys and girls of the various religious backgrounds (Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Yoda, etc.) and they wear little English school uniforms and are trying to kill Voldemort.

Clinton's people are denying their involvement (ha, not really!) right now on Hardball.

So this is the first official Dirty Trick of Election '08, right? (The Duncan Hunter in a sombrero picture does not count; it was just his birthday polaroid from Baja Betty's.)

CNN debunks false report about Obama [CNN]

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