CNN Just Checking To See If Everybody Still Hates Hillary Clinton A Lot

Today, some deranged idiot sent threatening bomb packages to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and to "John Brenan" care of CNN. Devices have also been sent to George Soros, Eric Holder, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (update: NYPD says unrelated and not an explosive), Rep. Maxine Waters, and God knows who else we'll learn about before the end of the day.

But because this is America, there is also very stupid news involving two of the entities listed above. CNN decided to act like a common CNN last night in its coverage of the Florida governor's race, so it convened a focus group of Democrats to talk about how much they like Democratic candidate Andrew Gillumhow much they hate that Trump-licking wet fart Ron DeSantis Hillary Clinton, naturally. Is the fact that Hillary Clinton was born a good thing for Gillum, or should she try to avoid ever again being born in the future, so as not to hurt Democrats' electoral chances in Florida? This is a very important question!

WHY? What is the point of this?

The CNN lady asked if Hillary Clinton is more of an asset or a liability to Gillum, and a majority agreed she is is a liability, because she exists.

Voters pointed out, correctly, that Hillary Clinton is a "rallying point" for right-wing assholes, who scream "lock her up!" and whatnot. Then the CNN lady asked if the "baggage" and the "scandals she has been associated with" make things more difficult for Andrew Gillum. We assume CNN will next sit down with Trump voters to find out whether his very real scandals are a liability for Ron DeSantis, compared to Hillary Clinton's very fake scandals, considering how it seems to have been Trump's endorsement that gave the dead weight that is DeSantis the GOP nomination for governor.

One voter mansplained that Hillary's platform since the election has been "very self-indulgent," we guess because she's out there campaigning for every Democrat by doing gigantic rallies where she does nothing but talk about herself, OH WAIT THAT'S TRUMP. He said he didn't want to say Hillary Clinton has been "whining" about 2016, but then said she really is whining a lot.

So, is Hillary good for anything? PFFFFFFT, OF COURSE NOT, but one voter did allow that it would be OK if she STFU a lot but continued to fundraise for Democrats, because she's just fabulous at that.

What followed was a totally valid criticism of Hillary Clinton's recent comments on Monica Lewinsky, an area we think she'll always sadly have a blind spot. And that's a perfectly fine discussion, especially if it were 1996 right now. But does it have anything to do with Andrew Gillum's campaign for governor?

Hillary Clinton is indeed in Florida today, and she's gone to a couple fundraisers for Gillum. But it's not like she's marching in and upstaging him, demanding that everybody look at her instead. And despite how CNN seems to have found a few voters who really really really hate Hillary, the fact is that a lot of Democrats really love her! Regardless, is this worth a focus group?

Moreover, are CNN focus groups a really good indicator of the zeitgeist, considering the last time one of its focus groups made the news, it was "women for Brett Kavanaugh" who turned out to all be GOP operatives? We don't fucking know, but all the news is stupid and November 6 cannot get here fast enough.

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