• High-frequency trading? Goldman Sachs? Ball's in your court, Taibbi. [Matt Yglesias]

  • "You Want Context? Drudge Will Give You Context." And brain herpes! [Weekly Standard]

  • Joe Biden is such a golly liberal fascist, according to liberal fascist experts. [USA Today]

  • The best part of RedState's furry convention was when Liz Cheney gave everyone an enormous boner -- as stiff as a starched collar! Who could resist doe-eyed Liz in that delicious panda bear suit? So soft. [RedState]

  • Sean Hannity is now a Texas Kentucky Colonel. [Think Progress]

  • CNN took one look at the ad Media Matters wanted to air and said, "What is this? You are not selling pills or automobiles? NO. This will not do. Air your facts on Fox." [TPM]


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