CNN Will Grind A Debate Out Of Anything, Baby, ANYTHING


Goddamnit,CNN. Isn't it embarrassing that anyone thinks we should be having a "debate" about the Confederacy, a horrific, treasonous tumor on American history, promulgated by consolidated oligarchic financial interests intent on paying zero labor costs? NO. There are "different points of view," meaning each is 50% correct, forever.

And what a debate this is! Pro-Confederacy guy thinks "the Confederacy should be studied," anti-Confederacy mean lady "counters" that the Confederacy was about race. How very mutually exclusive those positions are! Have any of you studied the Confederacy, and determined that it was about race? Then according to CNN, you don't exist. You're a stupid gay ghost! Fuck off, Mr. Non-Existypants McGrundle!

Ha ha, look at the picture on the right, of an actual modern-day slave, with his hut made out of local sticks. What does he think?



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