CNN's American Tragedy: O'Brien Firing Ends in Bloodshed

American Tragedy - WonketteCNN's Atlanta headquarters were home to a grisly scene today, as a routine personnel change led to tragic violence outside the studios.

Shortly after Miles O'Brien was alerted that his services of him and his wife Soledad would no longer be required, everything went to hell.

A domestic dispute erupted in gunfire at CNN's headquarters complex Tuesday, killing a woman and critically wounding the man who first pulled a gun, authorities said. The man and woman were arguing near the main entrance of the complex when the man shot her, police officer James Polite said. The armed man was then shot by a CNN security guard.

Replacement American Morning anchor John Roberts promptly and somberly reported the incident on-air to a shocked audience.

CNN to Miles, Soledad -- Bye Bye O'Briens [TMZ]

1 Dead in Atlanta CNN Complex Shooting [NYT]


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