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CNN's new anchorman, RedState turd Erick Erickson, is very sorry for calling David Souter a "goat-fucking child molester" because, uh, people are so offended by Erickson's dumb bullshit that they yelled at his wife! (The nerve!) So, what Erick Erickson means is, he's sorry that you were offended by his blog, which after all is just a blog!

Erickson is also sorry you were offended by his description of Michelle Obama as a "Marxist Harpy," which was just a simple descriptive device in an otherwise bland post about Barack Obama "shagging hookers." Exactly! Also, he had just confused a White House staffer with a Democratic congressman when he compared the former to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi ringleader. Erickson intended to call the Democratic congressman Joseph Goebbels. Simple mix-up, could happen to anyone when calling everybody Nazis.

And he certainly agrees with wingnut-enabler Howie Kurtz that he was only being "metaphorical" when he advised his cretin readers to go to the home of a state legislator and "beat him to a bloody pulp." CNN regrets the error.

There is nothing worse than a chickenshit coward who will not even stand by his own words that he posted on his own blog. Fucking shit-eating fraud. [Creative Loafing/Firedoglake]


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