CNN's Woodruff Signs Off

So Judy Woodruff is leaving CNN. Way to go, Klein! That means more time for The Blog Report and Democrat "strategist"* Carlos Watson. Not to mention more "Crossfire," The Show that Would Not Die. "Roll-up-your-sleeves storytelling," indeed!

*Reward offered for any proof that Watson has ever worked on any campaign besides Student Council.

UPDATE: A few readers have alerted us to Watson's CNN profile, which reads, "While at Harvard University...Watson also worked for Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez, Sen. Bob Graham and Democratic National Committee Chair Ron Brown. After graduating from Harvard with honors, he served as chief of staff and campaign manager for Florida Rep. Daryl Jones." In other words, we were almost right on this one: Watson was a student; it's the candidates who were the pros. Still, we admit it, we were also wrong on this one. If you can successfully leverage your student volunteer work to achieve the title of "strategist," then you are, in fact, a strategist.

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