CO Election Truther/Clerk Tina Peters In The Hoosegow Just For Violating Bail!
Tina Peters hugs MyPillow guy at Fraudapalooza.

Tina Peters is back in the news again, so here's a live look at our browsers right now ...

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The former clerk and recorder for Mesa County, Colorado, became a star of the Stop the Steal campaign last year after appearing at Mike Lindell's cyber fraud hootenanny hoedown claiming to have evidence of vote rigging in her county, which Trump won by 28 points. Since then she's been indicted and charged in connection with a bizarre plot to create a real government ID for a man named Gerry Woods, then giving said ID to a former surfer named Conan Hayes. Hayes then used the ID to attend an in-person update of the Dominion voting machines, during which time he surreptitiously copied them and FaceTimed Patrick Byrne, the Overstock weirdo who has bankrolled much of the Big Lie movement and who used to bump bits with Russian agent Maria Butina. (Sorry your browser is on fire now, too.)

Since then, the county had to replace the compromised machines, Tina Peters got removed from office, and she lost her bid to become the Republican nominee for secretary of state.


Yes, she did, coming in third place with only 25 percent of the vote. But she's been screaming bloody murder about the election being stolen for almost a month now, which is extremely on brand.

Denver's ABC affiliate got the details, and was kind enough to post all the court documents. Local news, FTW!

While she was a political candidate, the conditions of Peters's bond allowed her to travel out of state. But on Monday, July 11, prosecutors filed a motion to force her to clear all travel with the court since the defendant is no longer a candidate. Judge Matthew Barrett, who is overseeing the case, agreed, signing an order imposing an immediate obligation to get permission from the court to leave the state.

Whether Peters was aware of the order is unclear. But this week she traveled to Las Vegas to spread the good word about the Big Lie at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. We do not get paid enough to watch that woman's speech, but according to the New York Times, Peters repeated claims that Rep. Lauren Boebert was in on the plot to illegally copy election data from the Dominion machines. Boebert denies the claims, and honestly, between the two of them who the hell even knows?

While she was in Nevada, Peters also penned this request for a recount of her race. It is completely batshit, in all the ways you'd expect, and you can read it yourself after you watch that video. And then you can check yourself into the loony bin!

Here's a fun little sample, in which she proves that her race was #Rigged by citing the New York Times's vote tabulation. Cool y-axis!

Whatever. The point is that this wackass letter was notarized in Nevada, because that's where Peters was when she signed it. Which is pretty good evidence that she left the state of Colorado in violation of the court's order.

Prosecutors moved to revoke her bond, since she violated its terms, and the court issued a bench warrant to pick her up. Surely Tina Peters will be cooperative with the cops, as is her habit.

Peters's lawyer Harvey Steinberg says this whole thing is a big misunderstanding, which is mostly his fault for not telling Peters that she had to get court permission to travel. And indeed he attaches an email from July 7 in which Peters told him about her planned trip to Vegas. Steinberg also refers to his client as "the elected Clerk and Recorder for Mesa County" and "a candidate to become the Secretary of State for the State of Colorado." In the present tense. Although he does concede that she's currently contesting the results, so, "A+" on that obligation of candor to a tribunal which is incumbent on an officer of the court.

According to Steinberg, the prosecutors have agreed to quash the warrant if indeed it can be demonstrated that Peters did not knowingly violate it. Judge Barrett has scheduled a 3:30 p.m. conference in the supposed "Mountain Time," so ... guess we'll find out soon.

Listen in here if your browser has recovered by then.

[Denver Channel / NYT]

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