Colorado Man Arrested After Holding 'Antifa' Roofing Salesmen At Gunpoint

Colorado Man Arrested After Holding 'Antifa' Roofing Salesmen At Gunpoint

This past Thursday, 65-year-old Scott Gudmundsen of Loveland, Colorado, saw two men going door-to-door in his neighborhood wearing blue polo shirts and shorts. So he did what he had to do and he called the police to tell them he'd spotted "Antifa guys" and was going to go out and confront them with his weapon while wearing "tactical gear." So he got all gussied up in his fatigues, grabbed two guns — "[a] Glock pistol, and a second Glock pistol that had been converted into a longer weapon that looked like a carbine rifle" — and went outside and forced the two men to the ground.

Gudmundsen has since been charged with multiple felonies, as the men were not doing anything wrong. The two men, a 20-year-old black Colorado State University football player, and the other, a 27-year-old white man, were door-to-door salesmen for a roofing company and not, in fact, "antifa." However, even if they were, it still would not be okay to go out and hold them to the ground at gunpoint, because while it is not illegal to be an anti-fascist, it is very illegal to do that to people who are doing nothing wrong.

Via 9News:

According to Larimer County Jail records, Gudmundsen was booked at 6:14 p.m. Thursday on suspicion of two counts of felony menacing and two counts of false imprisonment.

He is scheduled to be in court June 18. A man who said he was his son, Stanley Gudmundsen, emailed 9NEWS and said his father is ill and currently undergoing treatment at a mental health facility.

"Our sincerest thoughts go out to the two salesmen and we apologize to them and their families for the actions of our father and wish them well," he wrote.

As for the two men Scott Gudmundsen is accused of confronting, police called victim advocates to the scene to assist them.

"They were pretty rattled – both of them were," Shaffer told 9Wants to Know.

Ya think?

These guys were lucky they weren't hurt. Physically, anyway.

According to a report from Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists, Gudmundsen is a former cop himself.

On his Facebook page, he describes himself as a former LEO (law enforcement officer), family man and Christian.

He also posted photos of himself in a police uniform, as well as pictures of one of the guns he used to hold the two roofing salesmen hostage.


Also, on Thursday, 29-year-old Alpalus Slyman of Boston, Massachusetts, led police on a high-speed chase up to New Hampshire with five of his kids in his car because, he claimed, Donald Trump and Q were sending him instructions through songs on the radio. While Slyman had delved into conspiracy crap before, he had recently gotten into the QAnon stuff and developed the belief that Trump was contacting him personally through the radio after watching a "documentary" called "Fall of The Cabal" on YouTube.

It is entirely possible Gudmundsen and Slyman both have mental health issues. It is also possible that rather than having actual mental health issues, they just very much believe what they are being told about the world by people they trust. Much of the rhetoric coming from the Right, particularly the conspiratorial stuff, is not that easily distinguishable from the kinds of things a delusional person might believe.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump officially declared "antifa" to be a terrorist organization — despite the fact that antifa is not an organization, nor are antifascist activists terrorists. (Also it's not entirely clear Trump even has the authority to designate "antifa" as a terrorist organization.) But the word "terrorist" has a meaning, and it's a meaning that makes people like Gudmundsen feel they can act with impunity when in the presence of those they think might be "terrorists."

Even if they're just door-to-door roofing salesmen.


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