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Tiny Trump loves his Wonkette Mug Collection

Trump warned us it would happen, but we did not listen. Mostly because of how everything that comes out of his tiny little mouth that isn't Putin's dick is pure, unmitigated horse shit. But you know what? Rising production costs, poor inventory management, and the fickle whims of popular taste have become too much to bear. We've been forced to offload our mug line to Redbubble. You can still buy all of your favorite Wonkette designs, you just have to buy them over there...

Available Mug Designs - Click through the images to buy yours!

We're working on transitioning some of our Wonkette Classics© designs onto Redbubble. No, really, 'Trix is sending me links the old artwork right this minute. Like it wasn't already the afternoon, and time for cocktails and open threads...

Not as delicious as it looks, sadly

We gotta be honest with ya, we have quite the collection of Wonkette Mugs ourselves, and they really do make a great set. Even the "Shut The Fuck Up Luke Russert" design, which is about as current as Tetris on Gameboy. Nostalgia anyone?

We have, like, 1000 of these

Step 1: Buy mugs

Step 2: ?????

Step 3: Open Thread

I make Orange look Good

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