photographers, always stepping on old granniesA source close to Stephen Colbert tells CNN that the Colbert Report host will file papers tonight or Thursday to get on the South Carolina Democratic primary ballot -- but not the Republican one. Although his initial plan had been to run in both parties' primaries, making the Republican ballot costs $35,000, while the Democratic ballot costs $2,000. (The cost must be causing massive anxiety inside the McCain camp). To hear Colbert's commentary on this, tune into an all-new Colbert Report tonight at 11:30/10:30 ET on Comedy Central! Well, we assume.

Even the Democratic Party, however, is presenting some formidable barriers to Colbert's candidacy. On Thursday, the state party's 26-member executive council will decide which candidates make the ballot. Actually, it shouldn't be too hard for Colbert if the whole council thinks like member Waring Howe, who says, "Over my dead body will Colbert's name be on the ballot."

Be careful, Howe! Some local frat is probably coming to kill you.

Source: Colbert to file for S.C. Democratic primary [CNN]

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