Colin Powell Testifies About Nude Hijinks With Ted Stevens

Colin Powell Testifies About Nude Hijinks With Ted Stevens

Well "my friends" it is Friday and this is precisely the sort of headline that will either make people click the clicky to READ MORE or just go "ugh" and vomit quietly in their shoes. Because seriously who wants to know about Ted Stevens' long love affair with former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a man who has built a career defending the veracity and reputations of unreconstructed crooks?

Here is the deal: Ted Stevens is on trial for taking too many gifts from various Alaska people and not reporting them properly. He was allowed to call a few character witnesses, and one of them was Colin Powell, the once-honorable soldier who has been roundly discredited for staying in the Bush administration a million years too long.

Powell is apparently a great pal of Ted Stevens, because here is what he said about him:

"I had a guy who would tell me when I was off base, he would tell me when I had no clothes on, figuratively, that is, and would tell me when I was right and go for it."

Powell also said Stevens had a "sterling" reputation. Then he leapt off the stand and presented Ted Stevens with a very special gift: a set of gold-plated anal beads to use on the thousand-dollar husky he had been given, for free, by some other dude.

Colin Powell: Stevens reputation 'sterling' [Anchorage Daily News]


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