Colorado's Greatest Demon-Fighter, Gordon Klingenschmitt, Wins Primary For State House

We were just typing along on our midterm election roundup, looking up percentages for theColorado primaries, when we found a result in a race we had almost forgotten about. All you connoisseurs of crazy will be delighted to know that disgraced former chaplain and radio preacherman Gordon "Chaps" Klingenschmitt, who thinks pretty much everything he dislikes (Gays, Barack Obama -- same diff -- and Al Franken) is caused by very literal demons, won his primary for a seat in the Colorado Legislature. We'd been very excited about that prospect ever since he threw his tinfoil hat in the ring.

There is simply too much that is wonderful about this big win. This is a guy who worries that evil spirits from gay people are turning animals gay. A candidate who urges photographers to free themselves from the tyranny of having to take pictures of same-sex weddings by printing up business cards proclaiming that gays should be stoned to death. A gentleman who has detected signs of demonic possession in Disney kids' shows.

On his faceplacespace,

he posted a victory announcement that doesn't even mention demons, which worries us a little bit that he may be trying to look "mainstream" for the general election. But we aren't too concerned -- this guy would never hide his nutty light under a bushel. Congratulations, Gordon "Chaps" Klingenschmitt, and shine on, you crazy diamond. To his Democratic opponent in the fall, Lois Fornander, we can only advise: Let Gordon Talk. And please, please, PLEASE have a televised debate.


Follow Doktor Zoom on Twitter. He would like to assist several lesser demons for their assistance in writing this post, but must note that they cannot be relied upon to reliably fetch coffee.

Doktor Zoom

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