Come, Listen To Yr Wonkette Drink Beer And Talk RNC Shenanigans!

This is us, this whole week.

Would you like to hear what it sounds like when some liberal types are at the Republican National Convention, and we are drinking beer and charging our phones? OF COURSE YOU WOULD, THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT. So our friend Chris Davis from the Memphis Flyer -- remember that nice paper that put yr Wonkette on the cover? -- is here, and we sat down at the end of the afternoon Monday, along with Sanjiv Bhattacharya from Esquire UK, to drink beer and talk about stuff and things.

Sanjiv had a hard time in the arena that day, because he didn't wear elegant enough Republican attire!

Chris and I ended poverty at the End Poverty Now march!

We talked about Ann Coulter!

I sound really gay!

The part with the beers and the cussing and the Wonkette starts at like 11:45 or so.

[Memphis Flyer]
Evan Hurst

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