Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

James Comey may testify before Congress next week, but that's assuming that someone in Trump's White House doesn't try to block Comey's testimony.

Trump is giving back Russian spy mansions in Maryland and New York because the Russians were thinking about taking back U.S. spy mansions in Russia, and keeping the U.S. from building new embassies in parts of Not America.

Congress is looking at the possibility of additional meetings between Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak (who swears on a stack of nesting dolls that he isn't a spy).

Not Americans looking for US visas will need to include social media info and 15 years of home addresses, travel and job history; we're sure sure the hollowed-out halls of Foggy Bottom will be able to keep up with the extra work load.

Trump will announce his decision on the Paris Climate Accords later today, and we can all thank Steve Bannon and Scott Pruitt. [Infographic]

You may want to start planning that summer vacay to Cuba NOW because Trump might roll back all the bans on Cuba that were lifted by Barack Obama.

Bye, the Pill!Leaked DRAFT legislation plans to kill the Obamacare birth control mandate.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey turned down a job to head the CIA as it carried the stipulation that he report directly to Mike Flynn. RUH-ROH! [Archive]

Will Reince Priebus get "You're Fired" in favor of David Urban, a shadowy stooge for big pharma, big banks, military contractors, and the dirty foreign money so beloved by Trump and President Kushner?

Trump is exempting his senior staff from his own ethics rules barring lobbyists working at the White House, presumably after realizing that nobody wants to play in his pee-filled Russian sandbox.

Trump's lawyers are begging him to stop tweeting, but in order to do that they need to keep him busy with buckets of fried chicken, some coloring books, and the occasional Euro-trash pee hooker.

How did President Kushner build his own monuments to greed? Why, by exploiting poor and under-privileged areas and jiggering the paperwork, of course. Just like his father-in-law!

Sean Hannity's "private investigator" isn't a licensed investigator, and was fired from the MPD. We are absolutely #ShockedSHOCKED because that's a crime in D.C.!

Putin says Russia DEFINITELY doesn't hack people at a state-level, but he can't say the same of some "patriotic" hackers.

After Putin tried to stifle a documentary by his fiercest critic, PornHub decided to host it for free, prompting the creator to suggest making a film in the "relevant genre."

Tim K. Lynn, a senior Interior Department official, has resigned after federal investigators found that he was sexually harassing women, admitting that he was a "touchy-feely type guy."

The Obamas will be sticking around D.C. for a little while after they bought their fancy D.C. house near President Kushner and Jeff Bezos.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton spoke to a bunch of nerds and trashed the DNC, Trump, Putin, and Comey, and 'splainered how the perfect shitstorm exploded all over America. [Transcript]

Hillary Clinton also jumped in on the negative "press covefefe" train last night. LOL!

Lawrence O'Donnell has apparently re-signed with MSNBC. Hurray, Last Word, BOO Andy Lack!

Scarborough and the gang at MoJoe had some jokes this this morning! First, Scarborough wondered if Trump was Putin's hostage, and then compared Trump and Spicer to a kid who's pooped his pants. There's something ironic about making poop jokes when half your audience may actually be pooping.

And here's your late night wrap-up! The Daily Show talked about Trump's spin cycle; and Sam Bee absolutely KILLED it last night, then body-slammed Greg Gianforte (with words).

And here's your morning Nice Time! Baby Goat adventures!!

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