Comics Curmudgeon Comes Crawling Back To Your Wonkette
Hey, everybody, have you heard about the "mancession"? Now that Sarah Palin has ended sexism forever, as the economy slowly recovers all the ladies are getting elite media jobs or just stone cold finding fun, non-blogging things to do with their lives, because of their people skills and lack of body odor. Meanwhile, dudes are forced to do terrible demeaning tasks for their hobo bean money, like masturbating turkeys and writing jokes about Chuck Grassley's Twitter. Anyway, long story short, I, Josh Fruhlinger, your Comics Curmudgeon, will be WINNING THE MORNING two mornings a week here at Wonkette, if by "winning" you mean "writing dick jokes about politics during," and I can't really imagine any other way you might construe that verb, can you? Also, your beloved Cartoon Violence will be running alternate Fridays, starting up again May 7. OK? OK! Please send tips to the tips line on my mornings especially, because I do not have cable.

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