Comics Curmudgeon Returns To Save Washington From Itself

Yes, Alex is on vacation all this week, and who has arrived to help Ken keep up the flow of blog posts? Why, it's me, Josh Fruhlinger, the Comics Curmudgeon, Wonkette's most underemployed occasional contributor.

My arrival on the scene has come at a crucial juncture. Washingtonians, did your formerly fair city feel a little different this morning when you woke up? A little less waspy, old, and meddled in? Well, you may not have noticed, but the Post has continued its long-standing policy of treating decency with contempt by (and I shudder to type these words) removing Mary Worth from the paper. And only a week into an exciting new storyline involving a lovelorn young ad copywriter too!

The removal of Mary Worth from our capital's flagship newspaper is particularly egregious in light of the strip's politically charged content. Probably the high point of the feature's influence came during the 1948 presidential election; many historians believe that Truman's surprise victory was driven in large part by a Mary Worth storyline from September of that year, which depicted Republican candidate Thomas Dewey consorting with aged prostitutes.

Dewey defeats hapless old woman

Anyway, there's precedent for a D.C.-area comics revolt. In 1991, the Post tried to dump square-jawed bad-ass backwoodsman Mark Trail; after receiving more than 15,000 angry phone calls, they were forced to not only restore him to his rightful place in the paper, but to reprint six weeks of strips that readers had missed. We can do the same with good ol' Mary!

* Call the Post's comics hotline at 202-334-4775

* E-mail them at

* Write them at Comics Feedback, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071

Remember, you'll help your cause by saying a little something nice, so be sure to praise their decision to dump hateful harridan Cathy during this current comics purge.

Anyway, clearly most of my energy this week will be dedicated to orchestrating a National Day Of Outrage on the Mary Worth issue by the end of the week, but I'll also be doing posts about, I don't know, Mitt Romney and the like as well. Enjoy!


Poachers and Editors Beware: Mark Trail Always Comes Punching Back [WP]


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