Coming This Fall: Gitmo Prisoners, Swine Flu, Other Goodies

  • The remains of a Gulf War pilot who went missing at the very beginning of Operation Desert Storm in 1991 have finally been recovered. [ABC News]
  • Oh god oh god the government might transfer some Guantanamo prisoners to our Native Soil, where they can bomb innocent civilians from their maximum-security prisons. [Washington Post]
  • The "cash for clunkers" program has been so successful that Republicans would like to end it immediately. [AP]
  • The big beneficiary of the "turn in your shitty car for hot dollars" scheme: Ford Motor Company, which saw an uptick in monthly sales for the first time since the Edsel was taken off the line. [Bloomberg]
  • Summer movie ticket sales are the suck this year, perhaps because summer movies have sucked so much. [USA Today]
  • Get psyched for Return of the Swine Flu, coming as soon as late August to a human disease vector near you. [UPI]

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