Comment Of The Week: What's Funny About Kansas?

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It's Friday, so it's time to award the exciting Comment of the Week, chosen by rigorous science and certainly not in a great hurry after randomly skimming a few threads and saying, "What the hell, this one doesn't stink hardly at all!"

No, we really don't have a "method." We look at what's gotten good ratings and what made us gigglesnort. You have a better method, float it in the comments, which we will ignore because it's Friday afternoon for godssake.

Our second runner up, and winner of bragging rights (in a quiet room) is a multi-way tie for all these alert Wonkette Operatives for their comments from two weeks ago on the story about the Miracle of the Cross-Shaped Diaper Poo:

Master Contrail Program: The Lion, The Witch and The Pantload.

Biel_ze_Bubba: Just what the world needs - another religious movement.

OrdinaryJoe: Jesus Christ, Pooper Star.

Will in Pgh: Kid ate a rosary. More to come.

JMP: I'm getting an ad for Huggies with this article. Thanks, Google!

clubseal: Call me when it poops the Star of David.

Chris Fisher: I suppose she feels that it is her Christian doody to spread this message.

You guys can definitely be relied upon to provide excellence in commenting when the topic is poop!

First Runner Up, and winner of bragging rights in your outside voice, even, goes to alert Wonkette Operative "SullivanSt" for this still-fresh comment from today's post on Donald Trump's sputtering reply to Hillary Clinton's evisceration of Sputtering Donald Trump:

Hillary says Donald is incapable of responding to criticism with anything other than unhinged rants and ad hominem attacks.

Donald responds with unhinged rants and ad hominem attacks.

Rebuttal, how the fuck does it work?

And our Comment of the Week (actual prize: Some random Wonkette merch picked out by Yr Editix, just for you!) goes to Alert Wonkette Operative "Schmannity," for this thoughtful reaction to our story on Kansas and its terrible voter suppression:

That's the final straw! I am personally boycotting every Kansas tourist attraction. No more skiing Kansas, I am cancelling my orchestra and art museum memberships, and giving up my Kansas beach cabana.

Schmannity, please email Yr Editrix to collect your prize at Rebecca at-sign wonkette dot com.

Congratulations to all of you! Everyone is a winner, even if you only looked at the real winners while sitting there and moving your lips while reading them! Have a good weekend, and don't forget to sign up for the big Saturday Dance at your local campus of Trump University!

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