¿Como Se Dice, 'Retard'?

* Hillary has secret information confirming that Barack Obama is indeed a Islamofascist. [Election Central]

* Bush pretends he's Alan Greenspan. [Michelle Malkin]

* Some leading idiots think that Iraq has made the US intel community too timid, if by timid they mean not all in hurry to invade a country for no reason. [Raw Story]

* The Supreme Court is hearing the detainee rights thing again and the poor, beleaguered sane bloc will lose out to the raving asshole bloc another round. [Swamp]

* Hey, look who's harping on this pre-Christmas-federal-shutdown bullshit again! [Redstate]

* Mexicans imperil US roads and therefore should be killed. [WorldNet Daily]

* But, aw, look, Lou Dobbs loves them after all. [Fresh Intelligence]


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