Compare And Contrast: New McCain And Obama Attack Ads

Compare And Contrast: New McCain And Obama Attack Ads

Both presidential candidates released some angry shit-talking commercials today. Apparently Barack Obama promises your family fewer jobs, while John McCain lives in a tiny black-and-white television with George Bush. The question is, which candidate more stealthily removed the other candidate's balls and replaced them with harmlessNeuticles? View and assess, after the jump.

[youtube expand=1]

Is the biggest celebrity in the world ready to help your family? Certainly not, if he's wasting his time making a sexyface at HIGHER TAXES and MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING.

[youtube expand=1]

John McCain likes Asian seamstresses and laughs when George W. Bush jabs a hand in his bunghole.

[youtube expand=1]

Now this ... this is a candidate we can get behind.

Family [YouTube]

Original [YouTube]

Airedale babysitting Scottie pups [YouTube]


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