Condi Just Called to Say She Loves Paul

I'm not coming to your meeting until you promise not to yell at me. - WonketteCondi Rice has been calling up a couple overseas friends lately. Just to catch up, you know? See how they're doing? Oh, and to ask that they please stop asking for Paul Wolfowitz to resign.

'This is something, just over the course of the past couple of weeks, in a couple of her conversations, in the course of her ongoing conversations with some of her counterparts, she mentioned her personal high regard for Paul Wolfowitz and the work that he's doing at the World Bank,' State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said.

Despite this, he will still be faced with a vote of no confidence from the bank board next week. We have no idea what that means, because they still refuse to just fucking fire him.

Rice Comes to Wolfowitz's Aid [AP]


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