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Guest-blogger Princess Sparkle Pony here again. You know, yesterday we had a lot of fun chuckling at the stunning lack of new information in Glenn Kessler's Tuesday puff piece on Princess Condi. But then I saw the above AP photo of our heroine, which shows her greeting the Afghani Foreign Minister guy yesterday at the State Department. It made me think that perhaps I had misjudged the usually talented Mr. Kessler, and that in the very title of his piece, "Defining Her Own Sphere of Influence", he was actually slyly making the first ever mainstream media reference to Condi's secret friend, the spherical, invisible object she likes to cuddle when she's nervous. I first revealed the existence of this elusive object on my own blog, and it was even briefly mentioned here at Wonkette. What, you can't see it? I'll visualize it for you after the jump...

See. when you're nervous in public, it's nice to have a small, spherical, invisible friend to cuddle 'n' stroke. Here's our Condi giving hers a good squeeze recently on Meet the Press:

And sometimes she'll magnanimously share her ethereal pal with others, and that's what's happening in yesterday's photo. Let me visualize it for you so that it makes sense:

Now do you get it? Sharing is caring, people. So keep your eyes open, and you'll see that Condi brings her invisible pal with her wherever she goes. Spot it today! You're welcome.


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