This week, spies caught The Prime Minister of Mongolia, Senator Jay Rockefeller, Good Charlotte, Bob Saget, Anthony Williams, Thomas Friedman, and Condoleezza Rice bumming around DC like common tourists. Their stories are after the jump.

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* Prime Minister Elbegdorj of Mongolia, Ambassador Alphonse La Porta, and a loudly enthusiastic bunch of political supporters eating up all the meats at Fugo de Chao last night.

* Saturday August 18: While waiting in the interminable security line at Dulles, I saw Senator Jay Rockefeller waiting further back in the same line. I was surprised, and impressed, that he was waiting with everyone else and didn't go in the premium passenger line. Also, dude is TALL. After I made my way over to Terminal D, I literally almost ran into Joel & Benji Madden and the rest of Good Charlotte as they made their way over to Subway. I refrained from making any Nicole Richie comments...

* Bob Saget eating (and drinking) with a male friend at Blue Duck Tavern in Foggy Bottom late Saturday evening. He was chatting up a rather statuesque female server, urging her to check out his upcoming HBO special.

* Just seen outside -- America's Mayor, Anthony Williams, in front of the 17th Street entrance to the Farragut West Metro station. He was wearing his mayor's uniform -- blue suit, bow suit, blue Nats baseball cap. He was standing on the curb around looking like he had nowhere to go.

* I saw Thomas Friedman walking in front of the Spy Museum in D.C. on Monday, August 20 with who seemed like his daughters. Seemed like maybe in a bit of a hurry and looking serious or blank. Dressed casually, and was not expounding on the glories of globalization in a repetitious manner.

* I just saw Condoleeza Rice leaving the dentist. I guess she goes to the same one as Cheney, which is across the street from C.F. Folks and the Palm (currently under construction) on 19th St NW. She gets a two SUV motorcade with five secret service men and at least one HUGE gun.


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