Confused GOP Boomer Rep Pretty Sure Pesky Millennials Caused Russian Invasion

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Confused GOP Boomer Rep Pretty Sure Pesky Millennials Caused Russian Invasion

If the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t conclusive proof, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is yet another example of how there’s no crisis great enough to unite a hopelessly divided United States. We all might have to start brushing up on our duck-and-cover skills, but Republicans are busy attacking kids these days with their woke leftism.

GOP Rep. Clay Higgins from Louisiana shared the following bizarre tweet Sunday:

You millennial leftists who never lived one day under nuclear threat can now reflect upon your woke sky. You made quite a non-binary fuss to save the world from intercontinental ballistic tweets.

This is standard right-wing anti-“woke” Mad Libs that exudes big “get off my lawn” energy. Seriously, how young does Higgins think millennials are? A friend turned 40 last week, and as much I’d like to think that means she was born in 1972, her birth year is actually 1982. The Berlin Wall fell in 1991, so the oldest millennials would have fairly clear memories of the Cold War. The youngest millennials were in kindergarten on 9/11 and grew up in a world with heightened security and endless warfare.

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NBC News Senior Reporter Ben Collins tried his damnedest to explain a sitting congressman’s gibberish:

I speak 8chan, so here: The big thing on pro-Trump forums still ambivalent about Ukraine is they believe this is a "war over pronouns,” thus "non-binary fuss" and "woke sky.” "'Ballistic tweets” is the idea that Trump's critics didn't like him solely because of mean tweets.

Conservatives often offer reductive, non-reflective theories for why other nations or groups might resent the United States. They hate us for our “freedom,” which is all fine and good as long as “freedom” is defined as conspicuous consumption and excessive gun ownership. Otherwise, conservatives have spent the past several decades railing against every possible freedom of the modern age. They want to ban books, teach an exclusively distorted propagandistic history, and torment LGBTQ citizens. This makes them bosom buddies with Russia, a failed petrostate that's replaced Germany as the racist ideal for Trump-loving white supremacists.

The same Republicans who condemn Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a tyrant can barely manage to conceal their admiration for a deranged autocrat (Putin, not the former US president), and they are more than willing to blame the modern America they personally loathe for Putin’s aggression. Our society, even our own military, is so “woke” and weak that Putin couldn’t resist invading a sovereign nation! If Don Trump were still head of the “family,” Putin wouldn’t have dared defy us! (As long as we’re alluding to mobster movies, Trump is clearly the Tattaglia to Putin’s Barzini.)

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Because these conservative weekend warriors only comprehend brute strength or, in Trump’s case, a frightened bully’s empty posturing, they don’t appreciate how leadership rooted in diplomacy and respect is helping carry the day. It’s absurd to imagine Trump guiding a coordinated response to Russian aggression among our allies.

Higgins himself is 60 and served in the National Guard. He is a former cop and reserve deputy marshal. He’s probably the type who’d describe his law enforcement career as a “tour of duty.” But millennials don’t have to front: They are very much a war generation. Tens of thousands of them served in Iraq and Afghanistan across all five military branches. They deserve respect, not constant eye-rolling scorn.

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