Congratulations, Chef José Andrés, You Win 2017

Mmm! Animal haunch!

Just in case you weren't already in love with Washington DC chef José Andrés for going to Puerto Rico and feeding a million hot meals* to all the people (or at least lots and lots of them), here's one more reason to fall in love with him:

DC attorney and author Rabia Chaudry -- she brought the case of her friend Adnan Syed to the attention of public radio producer Sarah Koenig, and that's how the first season of the Serial podcast happened -- tweeted a plea for help yesterday, asking for ideas to help out her nanny, Naden, and her family. They're Syrian refugees, and the Nadeen's husband Mohamed had been a master pastry chef before their lives in Syria were shattered and they found refuge in America. A few examples of his creations (caution: Dessert Porn incoming):

Chaudry added,

He now works installing computer stuff, only job he could find, and is desperate to bake again. He deserves his own bakery but that will be a dream that could take many years. He can work in DC & MD suburbs if someone would hire him.

Oh, yes, and there was more pastry porn:

This is where we stop hating the internet and remember it can be pretty damn wonderful sometimes:

The offers of help started rolling in: Have you tried putting him in touch with culinary schools and their placement services? I'd be happy to sponsor a table for him at an upcoming holiday fair! "Check out @foodhini out of @UnionKitchenDC -- they host emerging immigrant chefs" And many, many more. As one of the many retweets said,

And then came the capper, late at night, from Chef José Freaking Andrés, blue identity verification checkmark and all:

And that's the REAL meaning of America, Mr. Donald Trump. And of immigration. And of social media, for that matter. Also, we have to agree with Ms. Chaudry on another matter:

Also, we're not crying, YOU'RE CRYING, and now it is your Open Thread!

*Very happy update: Did we say "a million hot meals?" That's so October! It's over 2.3 million hot meals served by Andrés et al (and all et) in Puerto Rico now!

Updated Update: Thanks to Rabia Chaudry for her kind Tweet, and also for updating us with Nadeen and Mohamed's names. How meta is this?

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[Rabia Chaudry on Twitter]

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