Nice day to START AGAIN ....

We've all grown up with Jenna, and ... well, whatever, she got married, and even though we've mocked her plenty -- because her dad is a douche -- we will say today that she looks lovely, and was a very fetching bride, and sorry about how she has to move to Baltimore now. More pictures, from the White House, after the jump.

You are so beautiful, to me ... yacht rock creepout, etc.

Here's George Junior, who is managing to not embarrass his daughter (and Earth) at this particular moment. And Jenna looks pretty awesome.

If I get stoned and sing all night long, it's a , Family Tradition ....

"Over and over, everybody made my prediction ..."

God Damn America

Here, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright marries Jenna and Henry ... ha ha, just kidding, Hillary supporters! There are actually other black ministers in the world.

[White House Photos]


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