Congress Announces Best Place To See Boobies On The Hill Today

First rule of Fight club ... - WonketteHey guys, a bunch of breast-feeding women will be breast-feeding on the Cannon Terrace today. It's a stunt for Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney's "Breastfeeding Promotion Act," which would reward employers who provide a breast-feeding area with a suck on the federal teat.

If it's raining, the public breast-feeding stunt will be held at 441 Cannon. Whatever the case, prepare to have your asses kicked if you're a man in the general area -- public breast-feeding stunts, it turns out, are not actually provided for male viewers. Exactly the opposite, in fact. Men are supposed to leave "the public" at such times.

BTW, did America suddenly get government-provided daycare at the workplace? We don't think so, which probably means all the ladies will be breast-feeding the homeless or something, like in "The Grapes of Wrath."

Congressional lactation areas [The Hill]


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