Congress Responds To Growing Disgust With Afghanistan/Iraq Wars By Throwing Another $59 Billion At Them

Congress Responds To Growing Disgust With Afghanistan/Iraq Wars By Throwing Another $59 Billion At Them

If, like confused old ass-clown Richard Cohen at theWashington Post, you've never heard of the "WikiLeaks" or the "Internet," this year's biggest news story maybe didn't really hit home. And if there's a natural constituency of confused old ass-clowns outside the Washington Post's op-ed page, it's the U.S. Capitol. That's why the House decided 308-114 in a rare bipartisan vote to dump another $59 billion of U.S. debt on the lost wars in Afghanistan and Iraq -- 108 Democrats and 12 Republicans had the spine to say No to the latest extra check to the Pentagon and its allies in Pakistan, the Taliban.

But what does Joe Lieberman, America's most awful senator, have to say about the Wikileaks? Joe Lieberman condemns Wikileaks, whatever that is, for releasing information that could delay or call into question the wholesale slaughter of Muslim people wherever they happen to live, in Muslimghaniraqistan:

"The disclosure of tens of thousands of classified documents on the Afghanistan war is profoundly irresponsible and harmful to our national security .... Wikileaks is not an objective news organization but an organization with an ideological agenda that is implacably hostile to our military and the most basic requirements of our national security. Americans and our allies should be wary of drawing conclusions based on materials selectively leaked by Wikileaks, as it seeks to sap support for the Afghan war among the American people and our European allies."

Of course, Lieberman's worry is not whether or not the damning information in the tens of thousands of secret communications is accurate -- like many decrepit old armchair bombers of the Muslims, Lieberman has dismissed the Wikileaks revelations because they allegedly "add nothing to the public understanding of the war in Afghanistan." The people still insisting we need to further bankrupt America by dumping billions of dollars in bombs on third-world countries are only worried about public support.

But if there's any lesson from the leak of the Pentagon Papers four decades ago, it's that these things only have traction when people are already sick of the wars in question. Vietnam escalated through the 1960s, starting from a point of Cold War Hysteria that's roughly equivalent to the 2001 national freakout America suffered after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Oh, and Truck Nutz or whatever! [New York Times]


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