Congress Wiping Away Entire Agenda For Steroid Legislation

schugrasssteroids.jpgHigh on the list of things I don't in any way give a shit about is the use of steroids in baseball, or any other sport, or, really, sports at all -- beyond having something look at when I'm sitting alone at a bar, and the bartender won't talk to me anymore because I might have asked her something about carpet and/or drapes. It follows then, that I don't think investigating the use of steroids or other "performance enhancing drugs" is a good use of Congress' time or taxpayer dollars or C-SPAN airtime, or even the kilobytes required to store this post.

Alas, Chuck and Chuck (Schumer and Grassley, respectively) feel that several days worth of testimony and not one but two bills are required to bring this problem under control. Maybe if these 535 individuals were to take some performance enhancing drugs, something useful would get done around this place. I just checked, and oh, wait -- yeah, there's still a war.

Congress to Hold Hearings on Steroid Use [AP]

-- Greg Wasserstrom


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