Congressional Catfight: An Amusing Endorsement

jean%20schmidt%20katherine%20harris.JPGWe're about to close the polls in Congressional Catfight: Harris vs. Schmidt, and it's looking like curtains for Katherine. "Mean Jean" has a sizable lead at this late hour.

For your reading pleasure -- and not to influence the vote, which is pretty much over -- we direct your attention to this well-researched and humorous endorsement of Katy. Nasty, Brutish & Short, a regular commenter in these pages, parses the term "catfight," then evaluates the fighters through the prism of "Dynasty." He concludes that he must vote for Harris (despite being a fan of Schmidt too). Here's an excerpt:

We distinctly see shades of Alexis Carrington Colby in Katherine Harris. Both are saucy brunettes with posh accents. Both have attitude, panache, and joie de vivre. And is there really any doubt that Katherine Harris doesn't flounce down to breakfast every morning in a Bobby Mackie original ballgown? Surely, she must!....

And Jean? Well she is absolutely NOTHING like Krystle Carrington. THANK GOD. Jean would be about as likely to run off and marry Yanni as she would to turn cartwheels the length of the Washington Mall. No, Jean is no Krsytle. Jean is our Jean. Our own local original. Fine in her own right, and still a down-to-earth gal. As she said on Willie Cunningham's show on May 1, 2006, "You can find me at Kroger's. My priorities are here. They always have, and they always will be." We highly doubt either Krystle or Alexis have ever been in a Kroger's.

In a catfight, dear readers, you have to bet on the cat. And the real cat in this race is Katherine Harris.

The entire post is well worth reading; you can check it out here.

Nasty, Brutish & Short Endorses... [NBS]


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