Congressional Guessing Game: Who Likes Sexy Ladies?


Blind item! Which powerful Congressman with an office (or should we say love nest?) on Gotham's East Side held his schedule open for this scrumptious but tardy young thing, who was outed on the popular Web site Overheard in New York?

Girl in lacy red tank top, black bra and low-cut pants, with a lower-back tattoo, on cell: So I had an 8:45 meeting with a congressman today that I totally forgot about. It's like 8:50!

Actually, it's a really, really blind item. As in, we have no clue. We just like talking like an old-timey gossip columnist. You know, the kind who wears a fedora with a "PRESS" tag and who says "Wow, whatta scoop!" Page Six, call us!

He Is Almost Certainly Going to Wait [OiNY]

Sexy photo: Getty Images


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