Congressional Trustifarian Watch: Jeb Bradley

Jeb Bradley, filthy hippie. - WonketteOn Monday, Ken Silverstein of Harper's told the tale of Representative Jeb Bradley (R-NH), who tends to increase his considerable net worth with each roll call vote (he also does shit like invest in Halliburton while trashing them on the floor). More entertaining, though, was this tidbit:

He once lived in Switzerland and worked as a street magician, returning in 1981 to New Hampshire, where he later opened an organic grocery called Evergrain Natural Foods. Back then, according to people who knew him, Bradley had long, rock-star hair. Think Peter Frampton.

Bradley's totally bummin' response, after the jump.

Bradley reacted quickly and angrily, writing this on a New Hampshire political website:

"And lastly, relative to the length of my hair, as people age - and I am now 53 - we often do cut our hair to shorter lengths, especially when it has turned grey, as mine has done."

(Don't be so hard on yourself, Jeb -- you're more of a Chris Matthews blonde these days)

Silverstein shot back yesterday with, well, more accusations of corruption ("Bradley is accepting campaign contributions from PACs and corporate interests and using the money to pay his kids" -- well who doesn't?), and more hilarious tales of hippiedom:

I also left out that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently lauded Bradley for saving the life of an 11-pound lobster named Larry; this is important biographical information to be sure, and may bring hope to millions other of alliteratively-named lobsters, but it doesn't have much to do with the fact that Bradley has taken actions in Congress that have made an impact on his stock portfolio.

Corruption or no, Bradley's going on our list of Congress members we would totally smoke up with (hey Sanchez sisters -- call us).

Anyone with pictures of Jeb rockin' the Allman brothers hair, you know where to send the evidence.

Invested Interests: Analyzing Rep. Jeb Bradley's Portfolio [Harper's]

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