Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Hands Are Registered Weapons

Wow, what'd the Taco Bell guy do to Jesse Jackson Jr.? - Wonkette

This is Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., from Illinois's 2nd District, killing this dude with his hands. Jackson, who looks about 25 but is apparently 41, is a Martial Arts champion of some kind -- a perfectly reasonable and probably even moral hobby for a congressman, and of no interest to us, except that he apparently threatened to kill annoying little fellow congressman Lee Terry.

Begging for a beating. - Wonkette

The dustup nearly touched off a fight between two members. Profanity flew after Jesse L. Jackson Jr., D-Ill., yelled out that Republicans "can't be trusted." "Shut up," Lee Terry, R-Neb., shot back. The two squared off later, and Terry said Jackson used the F-word repeatedly and invited him to "step outside" the chamber. They didn't, thanks in part to a third lawmaker who separated them.

Lee Terry vs Jesse Jackson Jr.!!! [Leavenworth St.]

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Photo Gallery


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